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TDG Handbook English

Easy to use pocket reference guide

Updates for 2020

*Full Colour and Vinyl waterproof cover
*Increase in size to 4.5x7.5 - Easier to read, find and reference
*Updated section covering Lithium Batteries and labels
*New Shipping Checklist, Sample Document and Glossary
*Fully updated to latest changes in TDG Legislation

The TDG handbook is essential for the driver (carrier) but is also a useful tool for the consignor and the consignee. It is an easy to read version of the aspects of the legislation, which are commonly required to conduct day-to-day business functions with respect to the transportation of dangerous goods.

This handbook provides a documentation checklist, which will help to minimize the errors made. Remember sixty-seven percent of the fines last year were documentation errors. The handbook outlines compliance issues and provides a very clear understanding of the 500kg exemption and the limited quantity exemption.

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