1866-271-4362 (GEMC)


Shipping and Receiving Dangerous Goods by any mode of transport is regulated by Transport Canada and Training is required by law.

TDG Handbook English

Easy to use pocket reference guide

Updates for 2020

*Full Colour and Vinyl waterproof cover
*Increase in size to 4.5x7.5 - Easier to read, find and reference
*Updated section covering Lithium Batteries and labels
*New Shipping Checklist, Sample Document and Glossary
*Fully updated to latest changes in TDG Legislation

The TDG handbook is essential for the driver (carrier) but is also a useful tool for the consignor and the consignee. It is an easy to read version of the aspects of the legislation, which are commonly required to conduct day-to-day business functions with respect to the transportation of dangerous goods.

This handbook provides a documentation checklist, which will help to minimize the errors made. Remember sixty-seven percent of the fines last year were documentation errors. The handbook outlines compliance issues and provides a very clear understanding of the 500kg exemption and the limited quantity exemption.

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