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What is WHMIS or GHS?

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is Canada's national hazard communication standard. The key elements of the system are hazard classification, cautionary labelling of containers, the provision of safety data sheets SDS(s) and worker education and training programs.

The objective of WHMIS is to ensure that a person using a hazardous product, material or substance in the workplace will receive information on its hazards as well as its ingredients. The supplier, in the latter case, is required to comply with the requirements of the Hazardous Products Act (HPA) and associated Controlled Products Regulations.

WHMIS was recently updated to conform to the GHS International Standards.  This requires new updated training in effect Jan 2019 for WHMIS 2015 in all workplaces.  

GEMC is please to offer both on site and self-teach WHMIS training.  For our self-teach, please visit our Publications page.  All our training also includes our easy to use WHMIS Handbook for continued reference.  

WHMIS Training

Course: 1/2 Day Training (4 Hours)

Program covers the following:

- Overview of WHMIS 2015

- Review of hazard groups and classes

- Supplier/workplace Labels

- Physical hazards

- Health hazards

- Safety data sheets (SDSs)

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