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Safety Beyond Boundaries:
TDG Ground Training for a Risk-Free Journey.

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TDG Ground

The practice of shipping Dangerous Goods by ground continues to be the most economical way to transport.  Have your employees trained today to ensure that they are up to date on all regulation requirements for handling, labeling, packaging and shipping of dangerous goods.

At GEMC, We offer 3 distinct options for your TDG Ground Training needs:

1. Half-Day (4 hrs) Re-fresher Training
(drivers, shippers)

2. Full-Day Training
(Safety Professionals, EHS Managers & 1st Time Shippers)

3. 3-Day TDG Train-The-Trainer Course (corporate sessions only)
(Driver Trainers, EHS Managers, any Safety Professionals)

Choose which type of training best suits your business needs and we will create a program just for you!