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Transportation of Dangerous Goods is a federally regulated industry and correct training is required. 

Course modules include information to develop an understanding for the hazards and the regulatory requirements associated with handling dangerous goods controlled products.

Each module contains working quizzes to increase retention and a Final Exam requiring an 80% pass grade to acquire a Certification of Completion.

Modules Included:

- Introduction to the Transportation of Dangerous Good Act
- Exemptions
- Classification
- Documentation
- Safety Marks
- Packaging & Labeling
- Loading & Handling

Printable resources are also available for reference including a Placarding guide, shipping checklist and links to all applicable Transport Canada resources.

Approximate Completion time is 2-3 hours and can be accessed from all desktop and most mobile platforms.

Upon course completion a printable certificate will be available which is valid for 3 years and is non-transferable.

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