Lithium Battery Training

Safety Beyond Boundaries:
TDG Ground Training for a Risk-Free Journey.

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Does your Business carry, offer, ship and handle Lithium Batteries?

Lithium Batteries are a classified dangerous good.  As their presence increases in our everyday lives, it is imperative that businesses and individuals know and understand the safety measures required for the Handling, Labeling, Packaging and Shipping of these small and large Dangerous Goods.  All the activities linked to the transportation of dangerous goods must be done by a knowledgeable person who holds a training certificate (Part 6).  Is your business prepared?

GEMC provides training in all areas including Ground, Air and Marine for your business needs.  We incorporate it into a general program and also offer custom awareness training in various styles.

*Classroom - On it's own or Incorporated into a class covering Ground, Air and Marine
*Self-Teach (Ground only) - Includes participant workbook, test and certificate to meet all Regulation Requirements
General Awareness:
*Lunch and Learn - 30 min presentations, includes custom handout