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Safety Beyond Boundaries:
TDG Ground Training for a Risk-Free Journey.

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Do you want to build your own training program?

GEMC's 3 day Train-the-Trainer course (corporate sessions only) is an intensive program to ensure that after successful completion of the training, trainees will be equipped to deliver competency based training to your employees.

Our instructor-led program training program prepares your trainers to effectively train and certify your staff in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Participants of the instructor training will receive:

  • In-house, site specific training program for instructor trainees
  • TDG Instructors Package – A comprehensive TDG package prepared to be used by qualified instructors. Includes: TDG Act and Regulations, a PowerPoint presentation, an Instructors manual, a TDG poster, a TDG workbook, exercises with answers and an examination
  • Resources to support trainers and learners with relevant Regulatory information

 Please contact our office to set up your in-class TDG Ground training