1866-271-4362 (GEMC)


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IMDG Code Marine regulations

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The International Marine Dangerous Goods code has been created as per the recommendations of the United Nations’ panel of expert on transport of dangerous goods along with the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). This recommendation by the UN was presented as a report in the year 1956 after which the IMDG Code was started to be drafted in the year 1961.

The Code has two volumes and is divided into seven parts

Volume 1 (Parts 1, 2 and 4-7 of the Code) contains sections on:

  • General provisions, definitions and provisions concerning training
  • The classification
  • Provisions relating to the use of packagings and tanks
  • Shipping procedures
  • The design of packagings, large bulk containers (IBCs), large packagings, portable tanks and road tank vehicles and the tests they must undergo

Volume 2 (part 3) contains:

  • The list of dangerous goods (corresponding to the sheets from previous editions of the Code) presented in tabular form
  • Limited quantity exemptions
  • Index - appendages

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