Changes found in the NEW 2021 International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions

Changes found in the NEW 2021 International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions

TDG Training by Air


ICAO has released their newest version of the Technical Instructions.  As Air Training expires every 2 years it is important for companies to update their training as a number of changes have been made by the Air Industry relating to dangerous goods and their transportation.


ICAO – The International Civil Aviation Organization, is a collaborative effort of 193 countries to develop standards in aviation to ensure safe and sustainable air operations around the globe.  While they are not a regulatory agency, they provide International guidelines to transportation concerning dangerous goods in their Technical Instructions.  These instructions can then be used to provide regulatory training to those businesses shipping, handling or packaging dangerous goods using Air transport.  


Remember, your business cannot ship any regulated dangerous goods by Air without the proper training and certification.   


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Some Changes found in the NEW 2021 ICAO TI    


1) Changes to the exceptions, training requirements and dangerous goods security.

2) Changes for dangerous goods carried by passengers or crew, as well as dangerous goods by post.

3) Classification changes for Category A infectious substances and assignment of packing groups for corrosives.

4) Addition of Dangerous Goods is updated to include new UN numbers and proper shipping names. Special provisions have several changes and some new additions as well.

5) Over twenty packaging instructions have been updated or changed.

6)  UN/ID number height has been clarified, and minimum dimensions have been added to the lithium battery mark. How multiple overpacks are described has changed, as well as the declaration statement when signed electronically.

7) Clarifications for the size of UN marks on packaging’s, revisions to capacity for aerosols, as well as new provisions for design types.

8) Radioactive section is updated to add new radionuclides as well as terminology change from rational level to dose rate.

9) Attachments; There are a number of changes, deletions, and additions to the defined terms in the glossary.