As an employer, how often do I need to provide WHIMIS refresher training?

By Alyssa Williamson on Mar 11, 2021

employers must periodically evaluate workers knowledge using written tests, practical demonstrations or other means.

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Common Uses Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

By Alyssa Williamson on Sep 30, 2020

Although now more than 50 years old, the Li-Ion battery is still constantly improving: scientists are continuously pushing the limits and boundaries of current Li-Ion technology by experimenting with new ways to combine electrolytes, anodes, and cathodes to create a battery that is more energy-efficient, more cost-efficient, and much safer than its current form. From using relatively cheaper (yet safer) materials like Silicon and Vanadium oxides to creating ‘nanostructures’ within the cells to create more surface area, scientists are thinking of new ways to improve the current Li-Ion batteries energy capacity and safety measures.

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Lithium Ion Batteries and Best Recycling Procedures

By Alyssa Williamson on Sep 28, 2020

Approximately 50% of lithium batteries can be recycled and most household batteries qualify for local recycling programs in North America. Many local hardware and electronic retailers offer free recycling programs like Call2Recycle, who offer bins at local outlets to make the recycling process easy.

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