Changes in IATA Regulations for Lithium Batteries

By Michelle Wallwork on Jan 13, 2022

Changes in IATA Regulations for Lithium Batteries   IATA has issued their Significant Changes and Amendments to the 63rd Edition (2022) of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.    Changes ...

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As an employer, how often do I need to provide WHIMIS refresher training?

By Alyssa Williamson on Mar 11, 2021

employers must periodically evaluate workers knowledge using written tests, practical demonstrations or other means.

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Changes found in the NEW 2021 International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions

By Alyssa Williamson on Nov 09, 2020

CAO has released their newest version of the Technical Instructions.  As Air Training expires every 2 years it is important for companies to update their training as a number of changes have been made by the Air Industry relating to dangerous goods and their transportation.

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