Changes in IATA Regulations for Lithium Batteries

By Michelle Wallwork on Jan 13, 2022

Changes in IATA Regulations for Lithium Batteries   IATA has issued their Significant Changes and Amendments to the 63rd Edition (2022) of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.    Changes ...

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Limited Quantity Mark Now Mandatory

By Michelle Wallwork on Jan 07, 2021

As of January 1st, 2021, the new international safety mark for “LTD QTY” shipments by ground transport in Canada must display this label.   It is important to make sure you and your employees understand when a limited quantity label is required and why.  This will avoid refused shipments and protect your business from infractions.

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Update: Dangerous Goods Temporary Certificates

By Alyssa Williamson on Nov 23, 2020

This communication is intended to remind stakeholders that the following temporary certificates will not be renewed beyond January 31, 2021: TU 0750.1: TrainingNote: This temporary certificate allows individuals who had been trained and held valid training certificates on March 1, 2020, to continue handling, offering for transport, or transporting dangerous goods with expired training certificates.

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Dangerous Goods Consulting and the Value it Brings to Small Businesses

By Alyssa Williamson on Oct 30, 2020

It is of upmost importance that your business is storing and managing dangerous goods in a way that minimises the risks that they pose upon the people, property and environment of your organisation. A consultation can assist in providing controls, classifying your products, detailing training requirements and bring your organization up to compliance. Is there a specific area within your business that needs attention? GEMC offers custom solutions to suit every business and unique need.

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The Importance for a TDG compliance audit.

By Alyssa Williamson on Oct 08, 2020

A dangerous goods compliance audit provides a review of key compliance areas such as: Vendor SDS information as it relates to your dangerous goods inventory and shipping Internal measures to ensure proper shipping procedures are in place Dangerous goods quantity limitations, eg, LTD QTY shipments Packaging procedures Carrier restrictions

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Health Canada recalls more than 50 hand sanitizers in evolving list

By Alyssa Williamson on Aug 06, 2020

Separately in the U.S. on Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report warning of serious adverse events, including death, associated with ingesting alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing methanol. From May 1 through June 30, 15 cases of methanol poisoning were reported in Arizona and New Mexico, associated with swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Four patients died, and three were discharged with visual impairment. Health Canada says frequent use of hand sanitizer containing methanol may cause dermatitis, eye irritation, upper respiratory system irritation and headaches.

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Temporary certificate TU 0764 – Test samples for COVID-19

By Alyssa Williamson on Jul 29, 2020

Temporary certificate pursuant to Subsection 31(2.1) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 from Transport Canada, Published 2020 Certificate Number: TU 0764 Pursuant to subsection 31(2.1) of...

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