Dangerous Goods Consulting and the Value it Brings to Small Businesses

Dangerous Goods Consulting and the Value it Brings to Small Businesses

     Your business is the most important thing- and you want to avoid costly fees and setbacks at all costs. You want to make sure your employees are acting safely and following regulation when handing dangerous goods. What can you do to ensure everyone is educated and following the rules?


Dangerous Goods can be complicated- but you don’t need to try and decode it by yourself. At GEMC we have spent the past 20 years developing educational classes and resources to make it easy to understand. The legislation can range from understanding the dangerous goods in your work environment to preparing shipments.  This is where consulting can be a huge benefit to your organization. 


Consultants can help you navigate and simplify complicated legislation and provide practical compliance tools to meet the needs of your business.  Small businesses can be especially benefited as they often do not have the resources to have departments or staff dedicated to health and safety in the same way their larger counterparts do. Allowing the experts to simplify your process will save you time and potentially large infraction fees.


It is of upmost importance that your business is storing and managing dangerous goods in a way that minimises the risks that they pose upon the people, property and environment of your organisation. A consultation can assist in providing controls, classifying your products, detailing training requirements and bring your organization up to compliance. Is there a specific area within your business that needs attention? GEMC offers custom solutions to suit every business and unique need.


It’s Your Responsibility


If your organization is packaging, storing, handling and/or shipping dangerous goods domestically or internationally your business is required to ensure the packaging, labeling or documentation meets the requirements of the Canada and the International countries you are working with.   As a shipper or importer, it is your responsibility to ensure your goods are managed correctly. The best thing you can do is contact your local TDG Consultant to provide expert advice to ensure all the requirements are met. 


Hiring a consultant can minimize risk and eliminate the threat of fines for not following regulation. Our clients receive a 5 star educational program for their employees with either online learning classes, to be done at their employee’s preferred pace, or with an in-person “lunch and learn” classroom experience. As a small business with over 20 years of experience in the industry, father and daughter Patrick & Michelle Wallwork are leaders in their industry and are hands on educators.

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