How Online Safety Training Benefits your Business

How Online Safety Training Benefits your Business

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods is a federally regulated industry which requires businesses to provide the correct modal training.  

 Unfortunately, the rules and restrictions surrounding COVID-19 have greatly impacted the way businesses have conducted employee training.  We had to move away from in-class training sessions to individual training or remote work.  While things are slowly coming back to normal, online training can still be a huge advantage to businesses allowing you to train multiple employees from different locations and at their own pace. 

 Online training is very effective for

  • If your onboarding process has slowed down and it isn’t cost effective to bring in a trainer for 1-2 individuals.
  • If you have people who do not require specific information but general TDG awareness to complete their job function
  • If you have individuals who require more time and are working remote

 When choosing an Online TDG program it is important to look for a company who has long term investment in the training and assessment of individuals and specializes in TDG.  The materials included need to be relevant and up to date with the changes in regulations.  Online support is important for trouble shooting any technical issues and a company contact for course information is also an advantage for further questions. 

Individuals completing the course should have a firm understanding of why TDG Training is so important and how it can apply to their employment.  The employer is responsible for assessing the employee’s competency with the application of their training and should always follow up with an assessment to ensure there are no gaps. 

With remote access on a number of different platforms and technology, allowing employees to complete on their training on their own time, online training can work to your advantage when completing general awareness training.