New packaging standards introduced by Transport Canada for Class 1 Explosives.

Orange square on point, with in black: a line inside the edge, an exploding bomb symbol in the top corner and the number “1” in the bottom corner underneath two centered asterisks above one centered asterisk.

Stakeholders will have 6 months after the publication (April 2024) of the new version of the standard to fully comply with it.

Most notable changes

The most notable changes that appear in the new edition of this standard are summarized below:

  • Updated list of explosives, special provisions and packing instructions to align with the 22nd edition of the UN recommendations.
  • Updated references to other dangerous goods packaging standards.
  • Updated packing instruction EP101, CEP 01 and CEP 02.
  • Added requirements on the reuse of packaging’s and use of partially filled packaging’s to transport Class 1 Explosives.
  • Updated decontamination requirements.
  • Added provision to prohibit the use of lightweight IBC for the transport of Class 1 Explosives.

The standard may be obtained free of charge from:

Canadian General Standards Board
140 O'Connor Street, Tower East
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0S5