Temporary Changes and Legislative Requirements

Temporary Changes and Legislative Requirements

In order to address a possible shortage of cleaning supplies containing chemicals effective against the COVID-19 virus in Canada, Health Canada has put in place an interim policy that will allow quicker imports of products from the United States (U. S.).

The interim policy applies to the following types of products imported from the United States only:

  • cleaning products used mainly to clean, bleach or scour surfaces (but not products used to polish, protect or improve the appearance of surfaces)
  • laundry and dishwashing products used mainly to clean (but not fabric softeners or other such products)

These products may be sold to Canadian work places with U.S. labelling and safety data sheets (SDS). Important information will still be present, but the product labelling and SDS may appear different.

Similar temporary measures are already in place for certain imported consumer health products, including cleaning and hygiene products.