The Importance for a TDG compliance audit.

The Importance for a TDG compliance audit.

Any small business can benefit from a Dangerous Goods consult.  TDG consulting provides a valid tool to businesses who may not have a Dangerous Goods compliance expert on staff.  By ensuring you have a consult you can mitigate any issues with Transport Canada who inspects and enforces the dangerous goods regulations.


Providing evidence to the inspectors that you have taken significant action to mitigate any dangerous goods issues, will go along way in reducing any penalties you may face for not complying.


A dangerous goods compliance audit provides a review of key compliance areas such as:

  • Vendor SDS information as it relates to your dangerous goods inventory and shipping
  • Internal measures to ensure proper shipping procedures are in place
  • Dangerous goods quantity limitations, eg, LTD QTY shipments
  • Packaging procedures
  • Carrier restrictions
  • Training requirements and records
  • Need for ERAP’s
  • Emergency Reponses


We can assist you in identifying all your dangerous goods in your system and develop a comperherensive training program that will assist your business in shipping dangerous goods.