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Why Its Important To Do Dangerous Goods Marine Training

September 01, 2022

Why Its Important To Do Dangerous Goods Marine Training

When it comes to the responsibility to comply with any regulation, appropriate training is key to providing not only awareness of the regulations, but also, for enabling competence when performing one’s specific job.

Canadian and international regulations dictate that anyone having job duties that affect in any way the safe transportation of dangerous goods must receive appropriate training in the functions that they perform.

With the amount of IMDG training choices available today regarding the transportation of dangerous goods by sea – including classroom and on-line training there is no excuse for untrained personnel to be offering non-compliant dangerous goods shipments into the transportation chain, and in doing so, endangering property, lives, and the marine environment.  Correct training provides knowledge of the applicable requirements for handling, classification, packaging and potential hazards.  It should also include a hands-on component to allow for an increase in competency allowing the individual to experience a real life example within their workplace.

Many deadly accidents can be ultimately traced back to an initial error by one person – and nobody wants to be that person. So, before you offer a shipment of dangerous goods by any mode make sure you have the adequate training to complete your task.