Why WHMIS training is essential for restaurants.

Recently, there has been a lot of media coverage about the tragedy that occurred at a Buffalo Wild Wing location in the US. The General Manager died after being exposed to toxic fumes from a mixture of cleaning agents. Thirteen other people – 11 employees and 2 customers – also had to be treated with symptoms of burning eyes and difficulty breathing. (Source: CNN, view article here)

This tragedy is a sad reminder of the dangers that employees face every day in their workplace. These types of tragedies can be avoided, and it is up to the employer to make sure their employees are properly trained, and that all potential hazards are properly stored and labeled.

Restaurants in particular must maintain strict cleaning procedures, and this involves a variety of chemicals and cleaning products. Mixing of these compounds can be lethal, and this tragedy is a stark reminder of this.

Our mission is always to help employers ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Proper training is essential for the safety of everyone who encounters chemicals and cleaning products in their workplace.

GEMC offers in-house comprehensive WHMIS training, and we also offer a self-teach program.